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Why outsource your development? Outsourcing development or having Virtual Logic consult has benefits that in-house development does not always offer.

Hit the ground running.
Virtual Logic will in many cases have the expertise and experience to tackle virtually any electronics or software development project. If we don't - we'll tell you! We are available on tap for small as well as large projects. If you already have staff engineers then we can complement their expertise, relieve a bottle-neck or take on more specialised or focused work.
Start up and shut down.
When a new project is started the extra number of staff, their expertise and the equipment required can be substantial. When the development is completed fewer support staff may be required. By outsourcing the development, issues such as hiring staff, surplus staff at completion, equipment, resource and ramp-up times can be minimised.
Process and product.
Quality management and risk mitigation strategies are cornerstones of our development process. So often, much effort is wasted in development due to the lack of sound engineering processes. Our methodologies focus on minimising development risk and maximising design maintainability whilst meeting customers' requirements. Documentation is a critical part of that process. 
Enthusiasm over exhaustion.
Exceptional people tend to perform best when they are involved in something new. Virtual Logic is constantly developing new products for customers. This keeps our staff fresh and enthusiastic. We avoid the problems of in-house development where engineers become exhausted and bored with the development and maintenance  of the same range of products.
Support from substance.
Support of a design is not left to chance that someone remembers how it works, is put together - or that the person who does know is still an employee! Both the project design and the project processes (building software, manufacturing, production testing etc) are documented from project inception right through to manufacturing.
Maintenance matters.
At Virtual Logic a good design is one that can be maintained. Design maintenance is built in from the start. Often this knowledge is either assumed to be known by a few critical people or just does not exist at all. At Virtual Logic customers get comprehensive design maintenance documentation, utilities and tools.
Ownership requires understanding.
The reason for owning Intellectual Property is to be able to exploit it. Without understanding and control, exploitation becomes difficult. Outsourcing development does not mean you cannot control and exploit the IP. Virtual Logic can transfer IP rights to the customer and by virtue of the documentary outputs of our processes ensure that the design is understood. We have succeeded when we become dispensable!
Half is better than a whole.
Much development requires certain expertise for short periods. This expertise may not be available within your organisation. Virtual Logic's team-based approach can call on the expertise of crucial personnel when required.

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