Providing outstanding electronic hardware and software engineering product development services


Many electronic products have a combination of hardware, embedded and host software. Virtual Logic can provide a complete concept-to-manufactured-product service that encompasses all of these disciplines. 

The Quality Management System that governs our procedures is based on ISO9000. Our development processes ensure that customers have visibility of the development at all times via regular milestone reviews.

Virtual Logic is a member of Altera Consultants Alliance Program (ACAP).

We have extensive laboratory resources to fabricate and test prototypes.

Although not exhaustive, the following list encompasses the basic elements of our design capabilities:

  • Documentation; specifications, detailed design descriptions, reference manuals, maintenance manuals, manufacturing documentation, build and configuration instructions.
  • Field Programmable gate Array (FPGA) designs implemented in AHDL and VHDL in MaxPlus+II and Quartus.
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) schematics captured and designed in Protel Design Manager. These include double-sided, multilayer, high speed and controlled impedance designs.
  • Various microcontroller designs utilising Hitachi, 8051, PIC and Rabbit devices.
  • Software development including C and assembler on a variety of platforms and cross-development platforms. Tools include Microsoft C/C++/Win32API/MFC/.NET, Hitech C, Dynamic C, Keil, IAR & GCC. Platforms include Windows, Cygwin, Linux and FreeBSD, as well as our embedded designs.
  • Kernel-level device drivers written for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD amd AIX.
  • Off-the-shelf components such as embedded PCs, displays, processor cores etc are used where appropriate.

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