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Table of Projects

This list shows the diversity of projects that Virtual Logic has undertaken.

ACP Autoclave Printer
AEV Advertising Enterprises Voice Thing
APC Abberfield Shower Unit
APT Australia Post Telelift
APU Abberfield PSU
ARU TR MID board modification
ARU ACTS discovery
ARU ACTS discovery
ATR TR line interface study
ATR TR Linux lockup
ASC Abberfield Smartcard consult
ASP Asynchronous Protocol Converter
BAL Broadcast and alarm LIU
BAZ ANZAC B&A firmware
BLU Bluefish
BKD BKW Dongle
BMC Bending Machine Controller
BOC Board on Chip
BSA Base Station Audit
BSS Base Station Software
BVW Bias Video Wall
C22 C22 series multi coin timer
CA1 Cash Air controller
CA7 CashAir 750
CGB Coast Guard Beeper
CLA ClubAir
CSM Central Station Monitoring software
CTD Coin Timer - Denomination
CTM Coin Timer Module
DCH Direct Connect Interface for Happy Machine
DCZ Direct Connect interface for ZSK machine
DSI Depth Sensor Interface
DTM Digiboard TO MIL-STD-188-114
DVA Door Vandal Alarm
DYN Dynamometer test software
EGM Electronic Game Machine
ERA Crypto Card AIX support
ECD Electrocard
ESS Education Security System
FCU Flowtech counter unit
FIL Filepure Timer
FLC Lab Floc Display
FLO Lab Flocculator
FSD Fast Start Display
GEM Gem Interface
H2K Hypertec Y2K memory compliance
HTS Happy Test Software
HYP HyperDrive, QikDrive
ISA Internet Shopping Appliance
LAS Laser Controller
LPN Laser Pen
MAG Magnetic Card Reader
MBT Macquarie Bank Telelift
MDD Message Diode Device
MOI Moisture Meter
MPC MODBUS Protocol converter
MTI Mine Timer
MXR Remote Control Test Jig
NCI Networked DCI
NMT Nike - Melbourne Telelift
NPC NMEA Protocol Converter
PC1 Photocopy controller Series 10
POK Pocketmail
POM PMAC Optical Master
POS Point Of Sale
PTS Point-to-Point Tube System
Q64 QikDrive 64 server
QDX QikData
QSX QikServer
RCS Replaceable Combat System Linux TTY Driver for VME Serial Card
RLC Rugged laptop
RSI Reconfigurable Serial Interface Card
SAT Star ATM prototype
SHR Schiffli Reader
SNT Sullivan & Nicolaides Telelift
STL Star label printer software
TCU Telxon Cradle Unit
TFM Traffic Facilities Management system
TGD Telstra Gas Detector
TUF Analysis of AutoTuft
VLT Virtual Logic Tools
VWL Video Wall
WIL Wilcom general support
WIZ Whizair controller
WST Witter Shoes Telelift

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