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Pneumatic Tube System

The Pneumatic Tube System transports goods from any station to any other station connected to the system in either direction. Multiple cross connected but independent tube circuits allow for load balancing.

System operators gain a comprehensive real-time view of the system state via a custom graphical front-end program. Features include estimated arrival time, redirected transfers and per-transfer carrier release security code.

Each station comprises an LCD touch panel that allows control and scheduling of transfers. The stations not only provide a user interface but they also control the various motors, optical tube switches, safety and communications systems.

Significant design features:

  • High speed multi drop RS-485 network utilising peer-to-peer protocol
  • Protocol bridging and broadcasting to reduced network traffic
  • Parallel transfers across isolated runs of pipes (using multiple blowers)
  • Graphical touch-screen LCD user interface
  • Real-time display and logging of system state
  • DC motor control with precision positioning
  • PC based control and monitoring
  • Realtime simulation environment

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