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QikData is a very high speed solid-state storage system. The rack-mounted device connects through a proprietary LVDS cable bus to a 64 bit PCI interface adaptor. Multiple devices can be ring-connected. Inside each unit is an SDRAM based high speed store. Access and seek times are virtually non-existent and data throughput approaches PCI speeds of 264MB/s. HDD and batteries ensure data is preserved on power failure. Systems can be configured in RAID type arrays.


The Pocketmail Composer is a palm sized organiser and email terminal. It uses an acoustic coupling developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to transfer data via virtually any phone without the need for connecting cables. Composer is not only an email terminal but also incorporates a full-featured organiser. The specialised forms interface allows Composer to be customised for specialised data access and retrieval functions.

MODBUS Protocol Converter

The MODBUS Protocol Converter (MPC) plays an important conversion role in the the Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic survey ships. The MPC provides an interface between NMEA and MODBUS equipment. Devices run in redundant mode and swap over if a fault is detected. Management, control and statistics are transmitted to a management console.


The CashAir sytem is the premier pneumatic tube cash delivery system in the country. Staff are relieved of the time and risk of transferring cash to secure areas. CashAir is installed in many supermarkets, clubs and other retail locations. An extension to the system allows secure transfer of cash direct to armoured trucks. Audit trails and totalisation minimise the chances of theft and fraud.

Coin Validators

The C22 and C10 coin validators were designed for low cost reliable operation. The C10 uses coin size detection to validate various coin denominations as well as reject washers. The C22 not only measures coin diameter but also ferromagnetic properties though an inductive pick-up. The validators have multiple personalities to control lighting, photocopiers, boom gates, lockers, magnetic card readers and water meters.


QikDrive is a very fast PCI-based solid state storage device. With associated operating system drivers QikDrive appears as a hard disk. Capacities range up to 8GB, and multiple devices can be installed in a PC/Mac. The QikDrive can perform over 13,700 I/Os per second and has virtually no seek times. An external power pack can ensure that the QikDrive contents are preserved even when the PC is off.

Pneumatic Tube System

The Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) is a system that transports carriers through a network of tubes from station to station. Propulsion is by means of air pressure generated by a blower. Travel can be in either direction in a tube by reversing the airflow through a reversing valve. The path that a carrier takes is controlled by air diverters.

At each station an operator can select by means of an operator panel the destination a carrier will be sent to. A central control and monitoring system PC communicates through a data network to each of the diverters and stations to monitor and control the PTS. The network of tubes is divided into zones. Each zone can transfer carriers within it independently of other zones. If a carrier's destination is in another zone it is sent between zones via the transfer zone.

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