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Virtual Logic was founded in 1992 by owner and managing director Andrew Betzis. Andrew started in electronics as a teenager. After graduating from the University of Sydney with a B.E. he started Macinoz, the only developer of video peripherals for Apple Macintosh computers in the country. Andrew developed the hardware and software drivers for a variety of video display products for various Macintosh models. Andrew then turned to electronic engineering consultancy. In this time he worked on a variety of telecommunications, defence, medical and industrial products. Virtual Logic grew out of the increasing needs of these customers for outsource services.

Our experiences constantly show that customers feel they are held hostage to the development process. By focusing strongly on our customers' needs and wants beyond that of the products requirements we are able to build a relationship with customers in which they have control, certainty and sound products.

This philosophy requires us to always be seeking beyond the present and obvious and not ignore the details or unknowns.

Our staff are selected and trained to ensure that customers' satisfaction is their focus. All too often development organisations make the mistake that the development itself is the focus - at the expense of the customer!

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